Fashion is fun, so ...#walkwithus

We are casual. We are sporty. We love comfort.

Color is our second skin. The more funky & vibrant the better.

  • Made in Europe

    We are not a big company. We are closer to the idea of slow fashion than fast one. We pay a lot of attention to design of our products, their high quality and so big quantities.

    If you like original products you're in a good place.

  • For kids & for women

    Why not? Our kids loved our leggings from the start and so after many asks from the mothers & not only we've launched women leggings and they are very popular among all of you.

    For everyday use. For pilates or yoga exercices. As you wish.

  • Original prints

    Our prints are OURS. You will not find them elsewhere. They were made for us and only us. By talented illustrators and designers.


I'm Ewa and I am the owner & founder of Crazy Legs. I'm mum of 2 girls and I am and always was a fan of design, colors and original patterns. I also have experience in digital marketing. So I've combined my experience with what I liked and created Crazy Legs brand in 2019. It's been hell of a ride for 5 years now and hope it lasts.

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