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Crazy Legs

Kids crazy girl leggings

Kids crazy girl leggings

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Cotton, long kids crazy girl leggings. In our store you will only find our original prints.
Great for everyday use - in kindergarten or school. Made in Poland from cotton with addition of elastane. 100% comfort guaranteed. 
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  • Made of cotton

    If kids spend all days in their leggings why not make them natural and breathable? We are not fans of polyester leggings, that's why all of our leggings are made of OEKO Tex high quality cotton for your kids comfort.

  • Comfort

    Those kids that wear our leggings say they are like second skin. That's the best compliment. We wanted our leggings to be first and foremost comfortable, so kids can play and not worry about what they wear. And what's more our leggings don't fall down. Kids don't need to pull them up all the time - we made sure of it .

  • Patterns

    Design, colors and patterns. Original and funky. So that kids can enjoy them, make their own clothes choices in the morning easier. So that dressing up is always fun.

Jump, walk & just enjoy!